Educating the Next Generation of Cannabis Farmers: The Grow Gods Club NFT Collection

Grow Gods Club NFTs
3 min readMay 27, 2022

Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry and community. As legalization continues to expand, new cultivators and farmers alike are getting involved in this growing industry. With sales expected to increase from $13.4 billion in 2020 to almost triple by 2025, a long list of opportunities abound for the businesses and communities building the future of cannabis.

Yet, while the cannabis industry blossoms, there is very limited access to the tools needed for regulation-compliant cultivation, leaving only a small community of cannabis cultivators with high barriers to entry. The lack of education and cultivation tools has created disproportionate access to the cannabis industry.

Along with the expansive growth of the cannabis industry, blockchain technology and web3 are sweeping the world by storm. This technology is the foundation of the next generation of communities, culture, and access to the global economy. As adoption continues to happen at a rapid pace, industries are finding many new ways of utilizing the benefits of the technology as web3 unfolds. The cannabis industry now lies at the cutting-edge of this emergent technology to broaden access to aspiring cultivators.

Antoine Mordican and Reginald Stanfield, co-founders of the Grow Gods Club NFT collection, recognized the lack of clarity and education for cannabis cultivation and found an opportunity to broaden access to this community with web3. Until now, only small groups of people have had the privilege of cannabis cultivation education — the Grow Gods want to uplift aspiring cultivators by providing those with disproportionately less access to the tools needed to succeed, with a focus on black and minority farmers. The Grow Gods Club NFT collection’s vision is to equip buyers with regulatory cultivation education, build a community of cultivators, and bridge the cannabis community into web3.

In tandem with making cannabis cultivation more accessible to underrepresented farmers, black Americans are in many ways at the forefront of this crypto revolution. According to surveys conducted by Harris Poll for USA Today, by the end of 2021, 23% of black americans own cryptocurrency as compared to only 11% of white Americans and 23% of Hispanics.

So, how does cannabis cultivation and community relate to NFTs and how do the Grow Gods bring it all together?

The Grow Gods have built an educational platform around cannabis cultivation with a goal to educate and celebrate other black farmers with each purchase of a Grow Gods Club NFT. As part of their vision, they are creating special NFTs designed from real photos of the four Grow Gods cultivators, highlighting each individual cultivator’s journey, while also providing tiers of utility and tools depending on the rarity of the NFT. The NFT images feature key milestones of the cultivators from the very start of their cultivation journey. As the Grow Gods Club roadmap expands, we plan to add more cultivators to the community over time.

Baseline utility of the NFT collection includes personalized at-home grow kits and merchandise along with special access to the Grow Gods Club discord community. Additional perks are designed into the NFTs based on the rarity levels of the NFT minted.

Grow Gods Club founders Mordican and Stanfield are passionate about providing opportunities for others by sharing what they’ve learned and making education easy, fun, and rewarding in the cannabis space. By intersecting education with the benefits of blockchain technology, they found an innovative, creative solution that will revolutionize both the cannabis industry and hands-on education. As pioneers in the cannabis industry, the Grow Gods know what it takes to be successful and are working to provide equal opportunities to others.

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Grow Gods Club NFTs

The GCC is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that delivers access to cannabis cultivation tools and information with each NFT.