Unlocking Access to Cannabis Cultivation This Juneteenth: The Story of Grow Gods Club NFTs

Grow Gods Club NFTs
5 min readMay 19, 2022

The Grow Gods are the last untold tale from Mount Olympus and ancient Greek Mythology. Similar to the story of Prometheus and Hercules, the Grow Gods are on a journey to free the Ancient One.

The Story of the Ancient One

The Ancient One despised Prometheus for giving fire to humans, but he recognized the grand impacts of his defiance when humans turned the simple gift of fire into the fundamentals that built their society.

There was one major problem — as Zeus kept fire from humans, he also removed all cannabis THC producing plants from the world. The Ancient One — the one who created all plants — understood that the best pleasures and healing came from smoking THC plants, but since humanity had not evolved to the point where cannabis would be much of use, he felt as no harm would be done with their removal. The Ancient One had left many plants that could be used in its substitute.

Like Prometheus, there came a time when the Ancient One decided to give humanity the gift of THC cannabis plants. Zeus, enraged for being defied once again, sentenced the Ancient One to an eternal sleep state with only one way out: the legalization of cannabis in the United States.

To release the Ancient One, cannabis must be legalized across the United States through the collective efforts of each of his offspring, four sons, each occupying one of the four corners of the nation and working to awaken their father by legalizing cannabis in each of their lands. As Zeus whispered these instructions to the Ancient one before sentencing him to sleep, the Ancient One lost all faith that he would ever awaken.

To ensure that the Ancient One could never awaken, Zeus visited earth and started the campaign to criminalize cannabis in the United States. In 1996, the first state legalized medical cannabis — and the heart of the Ancient One began beating once again.

As more states and countries relaxed on cannabis laws, the offspring of the Ancient One began to come together. First, the Grow God of the West freed his territory, then he went on a quest to find his brothers. One at a time, the Grow Gods came together to strategize on how to take the shackles off the rest of their siblings across territories and awaken their father. In the 2018 legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts, the Ancient One’s final son was awoken: Justin, The Enlightened.

Justin spent years thinking he was alone, capped off by the year 2020 when the world was thrown into social and societal unrest and a pandemic all together. Justin stressed he couldn’t wait any longer. He set off on a journey that led him out west, to a place Gods frequent when visiting earth. Knowing he must find his siblings, this seemed like the only option.

After arriving in the Gods’ playground, Justin felt a strange feeling — it was as though he was connected to something. The hairs on his arms rose, and a wave of relief and connection overcame him. As he walked into the local tavern, he instantly noticed he was not alone.

“The Eldest child has arrived,” said a strange voice.

“More like Mr. Snooze,” another voice added.

“Who are you?” Justin asked.

“Oh, me? I’m the one that called you all here,” a man’s voice proclaimed.

“You all?”

“Yes, you all. I was hoping you would be faster but I guess you didn’t get the memo,” the man laughed.

Justin, confused, began to look around. “Well, how do you know me?”

“My name is Antoine, The Anointed — I’m your brother,” the man remarked.

“My what?”

“And so are those 2 guys standing in the entrance looking lost!” Antoine pointed. “So, you thought you was alone? Man, for someone deemed the Enlightened One, you sure are in the dark. Ha! Our dad had four sons, all with a purpose of spreading the love of plants, holistic medicine and farming across the world. You’re a farmer right?”

“No, I own a cannabis cultivation facility,” Justin corrected.

“Exactly! I own a hemp farm,” Antoine pointed around to his brothers, “and that guy by the door is a lead horticulturist scientist, and the guy to his right owned a facility even before you did!”

“So, you, The Anointed One, called us here?”

“Yep, and after millennia, we are finally back together at last. Let’s go awaken our father, the Ancient One.”

“The Ancient One?”

“Yep, come on! I’ll explain to everyone.”

The brothers came together and made it their mission to legalize cannabis around the United States and awaken their father — the Ancient One — unlocking the ancient curse that cast their father into a deep sleep for millennia. Together, they launched the Grow Gods Club, and they are here to set their father free this Juneteenth with the release of the Grow Gods Club NFT collection, which will provide access to cannabis cultivation education for everyone. With our NFTs, the Grow Gods seek to educate and demystify the cannabis industry to free cannabis cultivators and users from their international shackles. This Juneteenth, we will set you free.

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Grow Gods Club NFTs

The GCC is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that delivers access to cannabis cultivation tools and information with each NFT.