Bringing Cannabis Cultivation to the Metaverse: Introducing the Grow Gods Club NFT Collection

Grow Gods Club NFTs
2 min readMay 27, 2022

The cannabis industry and community is rapidly growing as legalization continues to move across the United States. As in any quickly evolving business, there is very limited access to the tools needed from regulation-compliant cultivation.

The Grow Gods Club 10k NFT collection will be launching on June 19th. All NFTs will provide membership to the Grow Gods Club along with a set of utilities including cultivation education, videos, seeds, community access and more. There are also other special perks for holders based on rarity traits.

The Grow Gods Club is passionate about providing this education and access to the information and tools necessary for cultivator success. Their NFT collection marks the first of its kind with access to the Grow Gods Club, a cannabis cultivation education community designed to provide knowledge to everyone in a new and innovative way.

Each NFT is designed to celebrate the cultivator’s journey and highlight special milestones from the very beginning. “We want to inspire others to learn about cultivation and build their own success stories while at the same time building community,” says Antoine Mordican, co-founder. “As the community grows, the collection grows.”

Until now, only small groups of people have had the privilege of regulatory cannabis cultivation education — the Grow Gods want to uplift aspiring cultivators by providing those with disproportionately less access to the tools needed to succeed, with a focus on black and minority farmers.

Bringing greater access to education for cannabis cultivators is a giant leap for the cannabis community. As industry pioneers, the Grow Gods are spearheading innovative, creative ways to inspire hope that their club will demystify the cannabis industry and open the door to more just laws that support legalization rather than inhibit its growth.

By utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology such as global access, Web3.0, metaverse, and the NFT community culture, the Grow Gods aim to create better awareness and knowledge around cannabis. At the same time, they are building community to uplift and support others in the industry and hope to help regulators realize the strengths of the industry through proper education.

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Grow Gods Club NFTs

The GCC is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that delivers access to cannabis cultivation tools and information with each NFT.