How to Fund your Metamask Wallet with Ethereum

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5 min readJun 10, 2022


You will need to fund your Metamask wallet with Ethereum in order to buy a Grow Gods Club NFT.

Buyers can use Metamask to buy Ethereum, or you can send Ethereum to your Metamask address by copying and pasting your Metamask public address (Ex. “0x…..” ) into your pre-existent Ethereum wallet and send funds to your Metamask Ethereum address that way. Below, we will instruct on 1. How to Buy Ethereum with Metamask and 2. How to send Ethereum to your Metamask through crypto exchanges.

TL;DR: Watch this video for overview instructions on how to fund your Metamask with Ethereum!

Before we begin — None of this is financial advice. This is simply a how-to guide to fund your Metamask wallet with Ethereum, which is needed to purchase a Grow Gods Club NFT. Please consult your financial advisor for any other inquiries about Ethereum or cryptocurrencies.

Buying Ethereum in Metamask:

As seen in the image above, click “Buy.”

You can choose to purchase ETH with Transak, MoonPay, and Wyre. With each avenue, you can purchase ETH with a credit card after completing standard know-your-customer information. The information required will be your email, name, phone number, birthday, address, country of residence, ID information (Passport, driver’s license, or identity card), and a photo of your identity card. This information is required due to regulations in your country of residence.

Once this information is received, you will need to input your bank information to pay for the Ethereum.

Sending ETH to Metamask from Coinbase:

A common onboard for many crypto users are exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, FTX, Binance,, Kucoin and others. You can withdraw any cryptocurrency from any of the exchanges listed above, as well as any exchanges not listed. With Coinbase as the most commonly used crypto exchange, we will show you how to withdraw your Ethereum from Coinbase and into your Metamask or alternative crypto wallet.

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: If you have an account, log in. If you don’t have an account, sign up.

The sign up process for Coinbase will require standard ‘Know-Your-Customer’ measures. The same is required across most crypto exchanges. Follow the steps to create an account, confirm your identity, and connect your bank account. Standard sign up requirements may include: Name, address, birthday, Social security number, personal identification document, banking information (in order to process ACH and wire transfers).

Step 3: Once you are logged in or your account is created, navigate to the ‘Trade’ button on the left sidebar. See left side of image below:

Step 4: Once on the Coinbase Trade page, navigate to find Ethereum. Ethereum is the cryptocurrency that you will purchase your Grow Gods Club NFT in if you aren’t paying with a credit card through NFTpay. Click ‘Buy.’

Step 5: The next screen shows the pop up below. Indicate how much Ethereum you want to buy and click ‘Buy Ethereum.’ Make sure you have enough Ethereum to pay for your Grow Gods Club NFT (0.049), as well as enough to pay for transaction fees (Gas fees). Gas fees typically range between $30-$100 USD. To be safe, purchase around 0.09 Ethereum.

Step 6: Once your Ethereum is purchased, navigate to the top right of the screen. You’ll see two buttons — click on ‘Send / Receive.’

Step 7: The next screen will take you to the pop-up below. Coinbase will ask you how much Ethereum you’d like to send — indicate how many dollars worth of Ethereum you’d like to send. On the ‘Pay With’ line, select Ethereum. On the ‘To’ line, paste your Metamask or crypto wallet address.

  • Navigate to your Metamask wallet to find your Ethereum wallet address. The logo for Metamask is a fox — this will be in your browser extensions. See below:
  • Open Metamask, copy Wallet Address.
  • Once you open your Metamask, you can find your Metamask wallet address under the text ‘Test.’ The address will start with “0x” with a random mix of numbers and letters following it. You can copy this address by clicking on it.
  • Once your wallet address is copied. Navigate back to Coinbase. Paste this address into the ‘To’ line of the pop-up. Double check that the address is accurate. Select ‘Continue.’

Step 8: On the next page, confirm all of the details are accurate. There will be a network fee (gas fee). Make sure you have enough Ethereum budgeted in to pay for network fees in sending the ETH across wallets and minting fees. This is why buying around 0.09 ETH should suffice, but more may be needed to cover network fees.

Step 9: After a few minutes, your Ethereum will arrive in your Metamask wallet.

Disclaimer: These educational information are provided by Sarson Funds. None of this material is financial advice.



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